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We have compiled a short list of some of the more common faults we see at Paddock Motors, along with advice as to how we can help with each one. Please contact us for further information.

If you own a Generation II R56 Mini then there is a good chance that the engine will require a decoke at some point. This a very common procedure for us at Paddock Motors and we have invested in the genuine BMW equipment that allows us to blast away the excessive carbon that blocks the inlet ports without requiring the removal of the cylinder head.

The symptoms of this fault are poor performance, poor fuel consumption, rough running and the ‘Check Engine’ light displayed with a ‘super knocking’ fault stored in the engine management control unit.

Unfortunately, the R56 Mini engines are notorious for wearing timing chains, but we have all the necessary equipment to replace the chains using genuine parts that carry a 2 year warranty.

The symptoms of a timing chain fault are a rattle from the engine, either constantly or on initial start up. It should be noted that if the plastic guides are broken up, the oil sump must be removed to ensure that the plastic is not blocking the oil pump pick up which could, in turn, cause catastrophic engine failure.

The R56 Gen II Mini engines are very prone to high oil consumption which is normally due to a fault with the engine breather system.

We are able to diagnose this fault quickly and advise you accordingly.

Both Gen I and Gen II convertible models can suffer with faulty roofs. We have seen most of the problems many times and are able to diagnose and repair these faults quickly and cost effectively.


Visit our bookings page, fill out our simple form, and we will call or email you back to confirm your appointment for when it is most convenient.


We only employ BMW and MINI certified mechanics, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your pride and joy is in safe hands.


We only use genuine BMW or OEM quality parts – not inferior quality components. You can be assured that we will treat your car as if it was our own.

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